About Me

Hello! I’m That FN Mom! You know, the one that has almost no control over her children. The one barely scraping by with her sanity. The one that always wanted children of her own, not realizing how much work it really is. So basically, every mom ever. I’m just willing to admit it. I don’t put on a show, acting like I have it all together. I tell everyone that my children are assholes and I’m always on the verge of hospitalization for my mental health.

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety years before procreating. I got myself medicated and in a good place and found the love of my life. I decided it was time, as my biological clock was ticking, and I embarked on the journey of becoming a Mommy!

Fast forward a few years and I now have a whole slough of lessons learned and milestones hit.

I started this blog to let my truths out. I have so many stories to tell. I also want to be able to let other moms in similar situations know that they are not alone.

Full Disclosure: I swear. A LOT. And I don’t plan on changing anything about myself in my blog posts. So, you’ve been warned!